Introducing the Bine Token (BTN): The Heart of the Bine Games Ecosystem

General Information

The Bine Games platform features its own native token, the Bine Token (BTN), an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. BTN serves as the primary currency for all transactions within the Bine Games ecosystem, with several key functions:

  1. In-Game Item Trading BTN facilitates the trade of in-game items on the Bine Games marketplace, allowing players to purchase items from other players or directly from developers. Players can also earn BTN by participating in in-game events, completing quests, or selling their own items on the marketplace.

  2. Platform Governance BTN holders have the power to influence the Bine Games platform's direction and development by voting on proposals and updates, fostering a community-driven approach to decision-making.

  3. Token Distribution A portion of the total BTN supply is allocated for development and marketing initiatives, with the remaining tokens available for purchase during the token sale. The Bine Games team may also choose to burn a portion of the BTN tokens, reducing the total supply and potentially increasing the value of the remaining tokens.

In summary, the Bine Token (BTN) plays a pivotal role in the Bine Games ecosystem. As the primary currency for in-game item trading and a tool for community governance, BTN fosters a dynamic, engaging, and inclusive gaming environment.

Distribution percentages


Play and Earn

20,000,000 BTN


Staking Rewards

28,000,000 BTN


Ecosystem Fund

12,000,000 BTN


Public Sale

20,000,000 BTN


Private Sale

10,000,000 BTN


Developers Support

10,000,000 BTN



100,000,000 BTN


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