Developer Support

Bine Games Developer Support Platform: Empowering Game Creators

The Bine Games developer support platform is a key component of the Bine Games ecosystem, designed to assist developers in creating games that leverage the platform's decentralized services. The process is as follows:

  1. Game Idea Submission Developers submit their game ideas through the developer portal, providing a comprehensive description, relevant artwork, and gameplay footage for consideration.

  2. Bine Games Team Review The Bine Games team assesses each submission, determining whether the proposed game aligns with the platform's objectives. If approved, the developer is invited to launch a crowdfunding campaign on the Bine Games platform.

  3. Crowdfunding Campaign Creation Developers create a crowdfunding campaign page on the Bine Games platform, featuring essential game information, a pitch video, and a list of rewards for backers.

  4. Community Support Players and community members browse crowdfunding campaigns on the Bine Games platform, pledging BTN to support their chosen projects.

  5. Funding Outcome If a campaign achieves its funding goal within the specified timeframe, the developer receives the funds in BTN to develop the game. Otherwise, backers are refunded in BTN.

By facilitating the pitching and funding of game ideas, the Bine Games developer support platform empowers developers to bring their visions to life while leveraging Bine Games' decentralized services. It also offers players and community members the opportunity to actively participate in and support the game development process.

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